On January 22, 2024, the renovation of Hotel Atlantis**** began. During the renovation works, the services of our hotel, i.e. the services of the wellness department, will remain available. Renovation works are suspended on weekends, holidays and school holidays. The renovation on the 1st floor will last until March 28, during this period we will do our utmost to ensure that the rest of our guests staying here is undisturbed.

Kedves vendégeink, május 13-án és 14-én wellness karbantartást végzünk szállodánkban. Megértésüket köszönjük.

Kutyabarát szállás Hajdúszoboszlón a Hotel Atlantis

We know very well that our four-legged pets become part of our everyday lives, so we also like it when we travel. We place great emphasis on the dog-friendly services of our hotel, so that every member of the family can find the perfect rest for them and spend every minute of their free time together.

Services available at the reception upon request

Room furnishings and dog-friendly services:

  • Dog bed
  • Feeding and drinking bowl
  • Dog toys
  • First aid box
  • Dog pick-up (poop bag)
  • A towel for rainy days
  • Dog-sitting: at a pre-arranged time depending on available capacity (for a fee)

Products available for purchase at the reception:

  • Hair removal roller: HUF 800 / pc
  • Dog diaper: HUF 300 / piece

Veterinarians :

  • Sass Imre: 06-30/239-7885
  • Sass Gergő: 06-70/708-5352

Dog groomer:

  • Csontos Adrienn: 06-70/611-5795

Kutyabarát szállás a Hotel Atlantis

Excursion opportunities in the area

  • Debrecen - Great Forest
  • Debrecen - Lake Vekeri
  • Debrecen - Fancsikai Lakes
  • Debrecen - Hármashegyalja
  • Nagyhegyes - Kráter Tó

We hope you feel comfortable in our hotel during your stay. Please also fill out the satisfaction questionnaire found in the rooms, so that we can also help our work and welcome our four-legged guests under the most favorable conditions.

Basic expectations for dogs coming to the hotel

  • You must have vaccinations required by the authorities.
  • You cannot suffer from an infectious disease.
  • Arrive at the hotel well-groomed, protected against fleas and parasites.
  • Do not be aggressive towards people or other dogs.
  • Only clean pets are accepted at the hotel. We would like to inform you that our hotel charges a compensation fee for all damage caused by pets!

Kutyabarát szállás Hajdúszoboszlón

Hotel etiquette

  • Please always keep your dog on a leash outside the room in the hotel area!
  • Do not leave your dog alone in the room for such a long time that he may show separation anxiety (door, furniture chewing, barking). If you cannot take your pet with you for a longer period of time, ask the staff for information about storage.
  • Please let the hotel staff know if your dog is resting in the room so that no one is surprised during cleaning. Please use the dedicated door sign.
  • The dog's comfort is also important to us, so we provide a soft bed for him free of charge upon request. Please only use the bed in the hotel by the owner.
  • If you take your dog for a walk, please pick up what it leaves behind. We provide free pick-up bags at the hotel reception.
  • Please be considerate of other hotel guests. Guests who do not like dogs may come to our hotel, so always keep your dog under control and do not let it approach anyone without asking.
  • Leave the area the way you want to see it.