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One of our main profile is to organize conferences. There is possibility to hold bigger conferences even for 200 people, but we have rooms also for smaller trainings, boardmeetings, or private negotiations.

About our rooms
Each conference room is natural lighted, air-conditioned and equipped with the most modern technical tools. The wireless internet – available from every point of the hotel – 24 hour business centre, and the  equipment for the audio- and videoconferences belong to the range of the conference services as well.

Conference room I + II.Konferenciaterem
Our Conference room on the ground floor can be separated in 2 rooms. If it is not separated, it is able to welcome 200 people. Coffee breaks can be served easily and fast in the lobby, just like the meals in the restaurant. In addition it is an excellent place for a gala dinner with roundtable ordination for 130 people.

Section room II.
Our smaller room  on the ground floor is suitable for theater-arrangement even for 50 people. It can be a perfect place for family events ( engagement, birthdays )

Section room I.
Small  size meeting room on the 1st floor. It is suitable for smaller business negotiations, meetings or events.

Name of the roomArea (m2)ikonikonikonikonikonRent (EUR/day)Rent (EUR/day)
Conference room I + II 168 200 144 50 150 120 470 Euró 70 Euró
Conference room I 80 85 80 35 70 60 235 Euró 35 Euró
Conference room II 88 85 80 35 70 60 235 Euró 35 Euró
Section room I 25 25 16 16 20 - 140 Euró 25 Euró
Section room II 40 50 32 22 20 - 140 Euró 25 Euró
Section room III 100 60 35 22 25 - 195 Euró 30 Euró


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