Hungarian people claim that smart wives keep their husbands by catering them…

The chefs of Atlantis have the same philosophy since their mission is to increase the culture of culinary delights, the cooking methods and catering to the level of arts. The restaurant is proud to offer a wide range of the Hungarian cuisine’s delicacies with traditional flavours created with the unique style of Atlantis which provide divine experience to all guests.

The dishes made with sous vide technology guarantee the perfect harmony of flavours and texture.

Sous vide is a cooking technique that applies precise temperature control, reduces oxidation and increases the shelf life of ingredients by minimizing the contact of the food and the bacteria in the air. The result is excellent delicacies with intense flavor and quality.

The vacuum technology prevents the evaporation of the flavors from the food, the low temperature prevents the destruction of proteins, so that the food could retain its original texture.

The dishes prepared with this method will keep their freshness, vitamins, minerals their vibrant flavors and become healthier and more enjoyable.

If you liked our dishes please make us a good reputation in the world since that means the appreciation and self-esteem to us.

I suggest you taste! Enjoy your meal!