Hajdúszoboszló provides families with many opportunities to make the time spent together truly meaningful.


The three-story Aqua-Palace experience spa, which consists of two parts of the building, is 15,000 m2 and awaits guests who want to bathe and have fun all year round.
As part of Europe's largest spa complex, the experience spa also guarantees unique experiences, as 8 of the 20 available pools on the ground floor evoke the world of different ages, while the first level is a water children's empire, with a baby swimming pool, children's playground and pools with slides.
There is a swimming pool on the second floor, which is an architectural marvel and swimming is also great on this level, as the entire pool area swims in light under the glass roof.
The surfing building of the adventure pool can provide real relaxation for those interested in sports experiences. After all, in this part of the building you can try different sports activities, such as: Spinning, Squash, Yoga, Pilates, Yoga, Kangoo.

Tip: The Hotel Atlantis is located directly opposite, so you can comfortably walk through the experience bath even in a robe!

Aqua-Palace Hajdúszoboszló


The Aquapark in the area of the Hajdúszoboszló beach bath is a real slide paradise: giant, hydro, multi-slide, kamikaze, black hole, crazy river, Big hole, Twister and Niagara complete the experience.

The Aquapark provides visitors with 9 types of slides, which start from a height of more than 10 meters and offer a different experience for splashing in the water. The area of the Aquapark in Hajdúszoboszló was expanded by one hectare in 2014, where an extreme zone with 6 new slides and a rock climbing wall was created.

Aquapark Hajdúszoboszló

Sightseeing with a nostalgia train

Get to know Hajdúszoboszló with the sightseeing nostalgia train!

The nostalgia train

The first City Sightseeing Nostalgia Train has been running in Hajdúszoboszló since 2004. In 2010, a new train was added to the train fleet, so there are now two on the city's streets, much to the delight of visiting guests. Look for the extract at its terminus (opposite the main entrance of Gyógyfürdő) and take part in a sightseeing tour.

You can get off and get off the train outside the terminus at the Bocskai Museum, Thermál Kemping and the Gokart track.
In the spring, the small train only runs during holidays and city events/festivals.

Városnéző nosztalgiavonat Hajdúszoboszlón

Adventures in Bringó-Hinto

On four wheels in Hajdúszoboszló, have fun and do sports at the same time, get to know the lowland spa town on a Bringóhintó ride!

You can enjoy your free time by cycling on the Bringóhinto, and you can have fun with your friends and family members. In the framework of this program, you can feel good together. Choose to your liking from the five types of carriages, which are even given fancy names, so you can even ride with Pinocchio, Minnie or Garfield.

Bringó-Hintó Hajdúszoboszló

Rio Playhouse and Fun Center

The Rio Playhouse and Fun Center welcomes visitors from the youngest to the oldest with unique games and programs.

The event center not only provides an unforgettable play experience for children, but also offers excellent development opportunities with its creative activities and diverse forms of exercise. While the child creates or exercises, the parent can exercise and rest.

Children's programs: baby carriage, baby-mom gymnastics, baby massage, children's JUMP, baby
sign language course, handicraft courses, playful English language course, childcare, cinema.
Adult programs: maternity gymnastics, pilates, stretching-yoga, fanatic JUMP, kangoo, Flabelos.

Go-karting at the airport

Racing enthusiasts can try the experience of speed on the go-kart track at Hajdúszoboszló airport, even without a driver's license!

Located next to the Hajdúszoboszló spa complex, the airport has a 300-meter long go-kart track for those who want to drive.
The race of the competitors is followed by a computerized time measurement, which can be analyzed at the end of the drive. The time result shows the time the competitor ran for each lap in the go-kart race, which was the best lap time.
The current races can also be followed on the monitor from the side of the track, so those waiting next to the track can also enjoy exciting experiences. The illuminated track awaits guests in the evening hours, so you can enjoy the experience of bathing in the floodlights while racing.

Squirrel Adventure Adventure Park

Courage, excitement and experience await you from spring to autumn in the one-hectare Mokuskaland Adventure Park, where you can test your skills by overcoming heights of meters!

In the Mokuskaland Adventure Park, it is an exciting challenge for all ages to test their skills on the forest obstacle courses. From spring to autumn, the one-hectare area awaits its guests, children and adults, for whom it offers different thrills. All participants can enjoy a squirrel adventure for a short time on the courses created in the natural environment and at heights of one meter.

Mókuskaland Élménypark

Kerekerdő Adventure Park

The Kerekerdő Adventure Park is the most beautiful experience and fairy tale park in Eastern Hungary, which offers all-day recreation for young and old in the world of fairy tales.

The Kerekerdő Amusement Park is located in Debrecen, only 20 km from Hajdúszoboszló. The most beautiful experience and fairy tale park in Eastern Hungary awaits children and their parents with programs from morning to evening!
The Kerekerdő Experience Park is a stylishly designed facility that guides children into the world of fairy tales, develops their physical abilities, their thinking, and encourages their creativity. In addition, it is also an arena for families to play together, where the time spent together has a forging power.

Kerekerdő élménypark