Medical treatments

Medical massage:
Intensifies the flexibility of the skin, soothes the fatigue of the muscles, stops the stiffness of the muscles and reduces the general fatigue.
Nourishes the healing of the non-inflamed articular illnesses and provides well being.
Its effects: influences the skin, muscles and the joints.

Under water radius massage:
Treatment done by using water beam in a special tub. Has positive impact on the muscle tones, the circulation and the lymph.
Appropriate for treating musculoskeletal diseases, helps in the rehabilitation process after accidents or operations by strengthening the muscles and optimizing the blood pressure.

Fizzy bath:
Recommended when having cardiovascular problems and also serves as a supplementary treatment of osteoporosis.
Can not be applied for patients with heart failure, leg ulcers, phlebitis or embolia.

Parafango treatment:
Parafango is the mixture of paraffin and sea sludge. The characteristic of sludge is to store the heat. Can be applied for musculoskeletal diseases especially chronic inflammation of the joints of limbs and the spine, for muscle pain and chronic gynecological inflammations and psoriasis.

Cell Galvanic:
The treatment can be 1,2,3, or 4-cell galvanic bath, depending on how many limbs will be handled. The galvanic current can have ascending or descending direction with which we can get nerve impulsing or pain enhancing effect. Application areas include a variety of neuritis, small joints of the hand, wrist, elbow and leg, ankle joints, inflammatory and degenerative diseases.

Selective electrical stimulation:
Can be applied for the regeneration and strengthening of the dysfunctioning, weakened or paralyzed muscles.

The so-called micro-tissue massages created by mechanical vibration are suitable to resolve chalky deposits and muscle tension. Effects: pain, local vasodilation, antispasmodics. Common application field is the degenerative and inflammatory diseases in the soft parts of the spine, extremities and joints.

Underwater ultrasound:
Used for the treatment of the small joints of hands, elbows, ankles. The treatment is done in water at body temperature.

TENS (Transcutan electric nerve stimulation) treatment:
The treatment has its muscle relaxant, nerve stimulating and anti-inflammatory effect primarily via the stimulation of the nerves. Its use is appropriate in cases, where chronic pain-killing is needed. Suitable even to reduce different nerve or phantom pain.

Drug tincture can be transmitted to the body through galvanic stimulation current. Since it is with the help of ions we call it iontophoresis. The drug tincture placed in the material in between is put into the body through the skin. Iontophoresis which are the most commonly used in musculoskeletal disorders are: Lidocaine, Dionin, hydrocortisone. Salicylates, Histamine.

Galvanic current:
A galvanic treatment is one of the oldest electro-therapies. Applied as a riser management the stimulus level of the motor nerve is reduced, the irritability of the nerve increases. Analgesic effect is revealed by reducing the sympathetic tone. Applications include muscle pain and various inflammatory diseases (gum inflammation, tendonitis, spinal and extremity joints, inflammatory diseases).

Applied as anesthetic, for loosening of connective tissue, for enhancing connective tissue , for promoting absorption, muscle cramps, for stimulating the muscles. Depending on what kind of impact we want to achieve, you can choose from several current forms: mono-phase, diphase, court Period, Long Period.

Belongs to high frequency treatments. Biological effects depend on what frequency value is used. Biological effects refers to the inflammation, muscle stimulation, pain relief and the stimulation of circulation. They also facilitate the absorption of edema and bruising.


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